Experimental Typography

Free non-profit project of a multilayered, illustrative prototype font experiment with a critical perspective.

»SQUARE 1.0« - a experimental font project
Multilayered, illustrative prototype font experiment with a critical perspective.
The idea of this monospaced display font roots in the notorious human behaviour
to reach their own thing - private poperty. Regardless if it looks almost similar like the neighbourhood - as long as its mine - everything is in ordert. This narrow-minded thoughts leads to this font with the distinctive name »SQUARE 1.0«. Version 2.0, which will be released in the near future, will focus on a more aesthetic and well-shaped glyph style.
Layer »Street«
Layer »Roof«
Layer »Pool«
Layer »Green«
Layer »Pool« and Layer »Green« merged.
Layer »Pool«, layer »Green« and layer »Roof« merged.
All four layers merged.
The merged text boxes in a exploded view.

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