bar­telt Xmas
ad­vent cal­en­dar

Project details

This is a re­view and a pre­view of bar­telt Christ­mas cal­en­dars for ad­vert­ising pur­poses. Of course, Ad­vent cal­en­dars are not my fa­vour­ite pro­ject, but the pic­tures are a good us­age ex­ample of the so-called »bar­telt Mi­cro­Products«. The small 3D ob­jects were con­struc­ted from scratch and form the ba­sic design ele­ments in the daily design work.

Because of the 3D data they can be arranged for different needs and with every job the product family grows. You can find other cases of smart usage of these elements on the website.

Client: Bartelt GmbH, Graz / Austria