Das Bezirk­slexikon Mariahilf

Project details

This rare book pro­ject was real­ized for the dis­trict mu­seum Mariahilf. The time-con­sum­ing ad­ven­ture began in 2017 with the first plan­ning phases and was fi­nally prin­ted in spring 2019 with a print run of 500 cop­ies. It was the biggest pro­ject in my ca­reer so far. 328 pages con­tent with over eight hun­dred loc­a­tions had to be handled. The book’s eye-catch­er is a fol­ded plan at the end of the com­pen­di­um. The plan can be ex­ten­ded on both sides to an A3 land­scape format and con­sists of a his­tor­ic­al plan of the dis­trict Mariahilf on plain pa­per and a cur­rent plan on trans­par­ent pa­per. So you can com­pare his­tor­ic­al con­tent with new and vice versa. We have used a three-spot col­our print to en­sure max­im­um ac­cur­acy of col­our and text qual­ity.

But that's not all. We set up the book features with a consistent colour strategy. The linen colour corresponds with text colour set up and even the bookmark and the chapter ribbon fits the orange printing colour. All in all a really great project with a sustainable benefit.

The book will be sold directly at the district museum Mariahilf. You can even order a copy with the ISBN number 978-3-902693-77-8 through Edition MoKKa Wien.

Client: Bezirksmuseum Mariahilf, Vienna/ Austria