DC Tower Vienna en plein air

Project details

A new paint­ing pro­ject of mine deals with live-paint­ing of ar­chi­tec­ture in Vienna. This series of small oil paint­ings on wood in the format 38 x 28 cm shows the latest sky­scraper build­ing by French ar­chi­tect Domi­n­ique Per­rault at Wien­er Donau City. It is a kind of paint­ing ex­er­cise or ex­plor­a­tion for me to de­vel­op my skills in see­ing pro­por­tions and col­ours. I try to trans­late the dif­fer­ent day­light moods in­to col­our and sur­face com­pos­i­tions. By ex­er­cising, the tech­nic­al pro­cesses I get forced to make fast de­cisions which of­ten leads to a trans­form­a­tion of real­ism in­to an ab­stract and il­lu­sion­ist­ic perspective.

I follow some principles: Always the same angle, always in one painting session, still more or less the same image cut-out and always within four to six hours. Maybe one of my first oil painting series, which is a completed presentable project. There should be another two towers in the planning stage. So perhaps there will be an extended version in the next years.