De­ma­ter­i­al­isa­tion of SUV

Project details

In this year’s par­ti­cip­a­tion at the In­ter­na­tion­al Sum­mer Academy Salzburg, I tried fo­cus­ing on my gen­er­al strategy in paint­ing. The course’s theme was »Pendant«, which throws me slightly off my game. I had one mas­ter­piece in oil in my head, which now did­n’t cor­res­pond with the de­mand. But I had to deal with it and so I had to re­plan my strategy. On the one hand, I want to paint in a very fun­da­ment­al way to achieve a per­son­al ex­pres­sion while paint­ing. On the oth­er hand, it’s im­port­ant for me to plan a pro­ced­ure be­fore paint­ing and ex­ecute it af­ter­wards. So I still struggle find­ing a way to com­bine clas­sic­al oil paint­ing with a stable con­cep­tion­al found­a­tion to have a strong plan for the fu­ture.

We are well on the way to destroying our livelihood. Mass production is crushing us. Nature struggles not to lose its balance. In this first series, I want to present an well-known toy of us - the SUV. For me, the SUV represents an allegory for a total needless stupid product. It's too big, it's too resource-intensive, it's dangerous for non-motorized, it's expensive, it's a simple luxury fetish. No one needs such a thing. And so it became the key visual of my sujets.

I want to place artificial 3D data as a foreign object into realistic landscapes to symbolize an occupation of the nature trough artificial things. This digital montages will be transferred into classical oil paintings.