Fam­ily por­trait

Project details

This fam­ily por­trait on their home ter­race is based on a clas­sic work­ing pro­cess — tak­ing pic­tures to out­line the sub­ject, find­ing the right com­pos­i­tion, strengthen the col­our ar­range­ment, sketch­ing and un­der­draw­ing fol­lowed by the fi­nal oil paint­ing pro­cess over five paint­ing ses­sions. Com­mis­sioned paint­ing jobs are a per­fect ex­er­cise to fo­cus on cli­ents re­quests, com­bine them with my own view on the top­ic and bring them on the can­vas. We did dif­fer­ent shot setups in front of their house on a spring even­ing with beau­ti­ful light con­di­tions. To get a strong start­ing point we want these clas­sic lights and shad­ows, which come up with dusk. In the stu­dio I tried to sharpen our com­pos­i­tion with a few little im­prove­ments. The next step was to paint a small draft to get a ba­sic feel­ing of the sub­ject.

Besides, I did a kind of digital abstraction of the scene to memorize the main colour values of my painting. Then I started sketching my scene on a wood panel with 49 x 69 cm and define the shadow values with a monochromatic underdrawing. After that, the painting process starts. I tried to paint bold and fast to avoid a paralysing focus on details and train a confident brush stroke. It's always a challenge to see the overall and not to stuck on rendering small passages. This time mainly I managed to keep a nice looseness in my brushwork on which I can build on.