Project details

Un­der the title name »Farb_​Raum_​Atmosphären« we de­signed a book-like col­lec­tion for a couple of work series by Vi­en­nese artist Co­sima Pill­wein. We come up with the idea of a simple box with twelve fol­ded single sheets of dif­fer­ent work series. Each sheet shows three re­lated draw­ings in a row and is Leporello-fol­ded two times to one lay­er. Prin­ted in off­set on In­ver­cote Cre­ato Pa­per by gu­gler GmbH, Melk.

The stack of fan-folded sheets was arranged in a handcrafted black linen-covered box, realized by Peter Weber GmbH, Vienna. We placed a hot foil stamped title typography and the name of the artist on top and even on one side of the lid to get a bookish appearance. A screen-printed sheet with project information, signing and numbering option laminated on the box bottom perfects the final product.

Client: Verlag Dackelkraft, Vienna
Design and Art Direction: Alexander Grimm