Time­less Design Language

Project details

Good pro­jects have a long lifespan! 

So I want to show this old pro­ject of mine to em­phas­is what time­less, cour­ageous and well-pro­duced design work stands for. In 2007 I got com­mis­sioned by Light Tech GmbH to de­vel­op a high-level product folder pack­age to com­mu­nic­ate their re­sent product range. They wanted to rep­res­ent five light­ing products in the form of ex­cep­tion­ally high-qual­ity print production. 

So I came up with the idea to cre­ate a kind of sculp­tur­ally blocky look­ing ap­pear­ance. Every­one knows the op­tic and style of board games, so I out­lined a front and rear design for each product look­ing like a board game. When closed, the folders were stack­able to an el­eg­ant sol­id block which was covered by a slipe case.

For each product, I de­signed a per­son­al product ap­pear­ance which con­sists of a base col­our scheme and a kind of sub logo. On the in­ner side of the folder, we placed a 3D scenery to give a clue of the real light­ing pos­sib­il­it­ies of the product.

The printing process was even a sophisticated act. We reproduced the design in a four-plus-one-spot-colour print for each folder with an additional partly varnish finishing.

I like the fact that it's not a trendy and hip looking thing but a great example of using a sustainable design language to give content long-lasting eligibility.

The project was published in the Basic Brochures of IndexBook. This compilation presents brochures from designers from all over the world with different backgrounds and styles.

Client: Light-Tech GmbH, Graz / Austria