High Key View

Project details

This com­mis­sioned paint­ing was real­ized over count­less pro­gress stages over 2020. The job de­scrip­tion was to cre­ate a city view of Graz and it should be mainly white or light in tone. I came up with the idea to visu­al­ize a 3D based scene with a sug­gest­ing visual story of city hot spots and fam­ous build­ings. The scene rep­res­ents the view from the Grazer dis­trict Mari­atrost to the west to­ward the city heart. The concept was to build up a per­spect­ive based sub­struc­ture with styl­ized and sim­pli­fied forms on the sur­face. It fi­nally res­ults in an im­age with a strong dy­nam­ic per­spect­ive, wide empty areas and a dreamy mono­chrome col­our at­mo­sphere.

It was quite challenging to focus on creating a so-called high key painting. To reach the final goal it was necessary to stick to a limited light value range and low colour saturation.

High Key View
137,5 x 192,5 cm

Oil on primed canvas mounted on stretcher frame,
white matte shadow gap frame (150 x 205 cm)