Nev­er Again

Project details

Oil paint­ing series about the of­ten over­looked 2WW ar­chi­tec­ture in Vienna, the flak towers. Eye­wit­nesses of a very dark chapter of hu­man his­tory. Im­mov­able mon­sters in the middle of a world-fam­ous city. Some want to erase them be­cause of the danger to act as a site of 2WW glor­i­fic­a­tion. Oth­ers again want to pro­tect them as warn­ing signs for every­one.

For me, these buildings have a brutal dark aura, and I don't want to imagine which horrific tragedies take place in connection with these sites. From my point of view, it's essential to preserve such warnings for future generations. The best way would be to communicate a clear scientific and historical perspective in the form of visual and educational opportunities.