nu­tric­anis wet food product range

Project details

Since 2012 the dog food man­u­fac­turer nu­tric­anis ex­tend their product vari­ety to a com­pre­hens­ive range. Its time to show the visual im­ple­ment­a­tions from the last years, for whom Alex Grimm has been re­spons­ible for. The high qual­ity dog nu­tri­tion products are provided ex­clus­ively on­line for now. After launch­ing dry food products the palette ex­pan­ded with wet food and hy­po­aller­gen­ic wet food products. To em­phas­ize the pro­found qual­ity nu­tri­tion and to main­tain the trade­mark on the dog food mar­ket, we de­veloped a visual identity which stands for re­li­ab­il­ity, healthy in­gredi­ents and cus­tom­er ser­vices.

The aim was to communicate not in a typical commercially loud way, but more usage of smart and simple design components to underline an honest idea of a well-produced dog food product. The basic layout consists of a simple game between product colours and good typography. The available restricted areas for designing require a smart and clear design plan.

Client:, Hamburg
Design and Art Direction: Alexander Grimm