Sand­pa­per Loop

Project details

2018 Salzburg In­ter­na­tion­al Sum­mer­academy of Fine Arts: Be­sides the por­trait paint­ings an­oth­er work­ing pro­cess starts with the work­ing title »The Sand­pa­per Pro­ject« This time, large-sized sand­pa­per, pas­tels and filler form the basis for an ab­stract meth­od. The soft pas­tels on sand­pa­per are lead­ing to a very strong col­our­ful stroke, be­cause of the sand­pa­per rough­ness.

The filler applied with spatula results in relief style structure, which can be sanded to flatten the shapes. A kind of skeleton made out of wood transforms the two-dimensional work into a more sculpture-like object. All in all, a very haptic working experience.