selection of 3D & Illustrative

This portfolio shows all stuff concerning 3D, illustration and interior design.

Task: Create the walls of an office with digital print artworks to make it look better. Get an overview!
Task: Create T-shirt designs for one of your favourite bands, although they don't ask to do that. Get an overview!
Task: Redesign a map of a spa resort in a isometric-illustrative style. Get an overview!
Task: Participate with an artwork in the catalogue Offf NYC 07 and don't know, if your work ever been published. Get an overview!
Task: Redesign the walls of a new hallway in Viennas underground. Get an overview!
Task: Develope a overview of a golf course in the east of austria.
Startwith the CAD planning data, create a landform configuration in a 3Dapplication
and top it with hundrets of little symbols. Get an overview!

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