Skull Jew­els

Project details

The on­go­ing oil paint­ing pro­ject about the vehicle type SUV grows to a more mul­tidiscip­lin­ary pro­ject. The ba­sic paint­ing idea is based on a gen­er­ic SUV sculp­ture build up in 3D, which serves as tem­plates to paint large-formats in oil. 3D data en­ables a huge field of new ap­proaches to work with. For test­ing reas­ons, the front em­blem of the car was 3D prin­ted to cre­ate a small pro­to­type am­u­let made out of PLA.

Finally varnished with silver and gold spray paint. Another object was realized slightly bigger than the first prints. In this case, the 3D print was cast in a second step to get the final positive form. This second testing piece is made from polished brass.